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Automatic gates and doors are made up of mechanical and electrical components that are often under stress. By performing preventive maintenance. you can avoid costly service and preserve your system. We guarantee swift and hassle-free service of your doorstep.


Our qualified team of technicians and certified engineers are specialized in providing solutions for automating – access and control from deciding on when to use remote control switch to using hi-tech retina scanner based entry, we do it all


When looking for solution to your facility’s access & control we educate you about the available options and work towards deciding on the best one. We ensure all gates, doors and shutters are installed with the highest precision and high-quality automation products.


As part of our continual process of improvement, Guardian Glass is committed to quality, We strive for the highest level of satisfaction in every aspect of our business – from the way our glass is created to how it gets to our customers to how it will perform for many years to come.

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